What Are Smart Contracts

Abstract: In this document, we would have an overview of what are the ingredients of a ‘blockchain’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ system.


When you come across a NOT RESPONDING software

In this Post, I am going to cover an all time popular issue while working with Microsoft Windows 8/10 operating systems - When your PC/Laptop/Notebook reached in "something Not Responding" state.


Send money to bank from your PAYTM wallet

(This post helps you to learn how to send money using PAYTM – the online wallet. To be able to use these steps one is required to register at PAYTM.com first and of course, its App, and an active internet connection. This post is applicable to the mobile app at this moment.)

You have heard and seen an advertisement(s) of PAYTM on TV screens and newspapers too, recently. Moreover, PAYTM is one of largest mobile/e-wallet service in India.

PAYTM started its journey back in 2010, since it is continuously progressing and serving millions of customers across India.
It lets you do following payment related activities:
  • Recharge your mobile & DTH connections
  • Recharge your smart travel card of Delhi & Mumbai’s METRO rail service
  • Pay or send money to a mobile
  • Pay your bills of electricity or water or phone
  • Pay your Petrol filling charges
  • Pay bills on toll bridges
  • To buy dairy products available at Mother Dairy Milk-booth’s
  • To book a ticket(s) for flight
  • To book a ticket(s) for BUS
  • To book a ticket(s) for train
  • To book a movie ticket
  • To shop online for apparels or electronics or gadgets, footwears & many more…

Well! This post is about most attracting feature from the stand of a common man is to pay on demand or send money to someone be it your family member, friend or a shopkeeper using PAYTM.

You can send money directly to someone’s PAYTM’s wallet or to their Bank account.

Friends, topping up of mobile is one of day to day process nowadays, everyone has been using either PAYTM or another mobile wallet to get recharge their mobile.

You can earn money in your PAYTM wallet either in the form of cashback or from your friend, then you can use this cash only on those places where PAYTM is accepted eg. shops, toll bridge, petrol filling stations etc. who have clearly mentioned on their institutions, but not to withdraw money from ATM or to pay a random vegetables seller who doesn’t have a smart phone or a rickshaw puller who doesn’t own a mobile.  

In most cases, where a shopkeeper or other business would accept PAYTM will be there to help you to make payment, and also to avail quick acknowledgment of payment. But, what would you do when you want to send money to some random rickshaw puller or vegetable seller? You would go to an ATM…then you know what to do, but what if you are out of money & you ask for some money from some of your reliable contacts. 

Then s/he obliges you & sends you money in your PAYTM wallet because it is easier & faster, than going to a bank to furnish all the formalities. However, what would you do to convert this available PAYTM cash to convert in hard cash.

I’ll come back to convert PAYTM cash to hard cash in a moment before that let’s have a look on benefits of using PAYTM to send money:
  • You would not need to visit bank, in this way you help your bank to serve less number of customers with more quality.  
  • Saves you to stand in a queue.
  • Saves you to ‘Fill up’ various forms to do so.

In this way, these 3 benefits translate into ‘time-saving,’ also reduces to use of paper made forms – hence ‘environment-friendly’ too.

Your bank account also has got a different set of function, and those functions are a way more important in day to day life. They allow you to –
  • Save money with peace of mind,
  • Earn interest on that money,
  • Invest in various type of scheme run by respective bank(s).
  • To get money from ATM when you are out of cash either in your home town or where you are roaming/ working/ staying temporarily.
  • To top-up your PAYTM wallet or any 
  • Bank balance also lets you, to make an impression, too.  

Well… I know you are desperate to learn to send that cashback back to your bank account, and also you have tried a lot to do this, but without luck, because there is no such documentation available to help you.
this is why I have picked this issue to help you, so let’s get the ball rolling. (Though, this walkthrough is for Mobile apps.)

Step 1: Open PAYTM app

Step 2: Another simple step yet, just tap/click on Pay or Send, shown in the above screenshot.

Step 3: tap on 'Send to Bank,' the fourth option in the above screenshot.

Step 4: Fill the details. That is (Refer to the screenshot shown above)
         4.1> Name of account holder or whom you want to send money

         4.2> Their valid account number.

         4.3> Thereafter, input bank number, oh IFSC Code technically.

         4.4> Thereafter input money that you want to send. On this step PAYTM will apply tax(s) rate, that comes to 2.997% on input money.

         4.5> If you want to name this transaction like for Rohan’s chocolate payment etc. furnish this in ‘What is it for?’ row or just leave as it is.

After finishing up screen will look like to the following screenshot:

Step 5: If everything that you have furnished is valid then tap on the Send button.

Step 6: The PAYTM’s system will send you an OTP on your registered mobile number with it.  
Enter it and click on the Verify button

That’s it, you have done your job nicely and now, you will be taken to the confirmation screen shown below.

It gives you a transaction ID, this ID is really helpful when something goes wrong. You are advised to click on 'Have an issue?' button, then you would be needing this transaction ID.

Step 7: If not, then you can share this transaction's status through 'WhatsApp' or your desired app to share this news: 

I hope you have received a confirmation SMS from your bank. I bet, that you are smiling after seeing that notification. :-P

You can go to nearest ATM now, and do the needful to obtain hard-cash

Thanks for reading!

Thanks PAYTM!

This process of transferring money to bank account from PAYTM wallet is fresh as of 8-August-2017 or as long as PAYTM has decided to continue it. In the case of any change please do contact to PAYTM care/support.


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