one day I was sitting on the bench
of the park, on a eve
…as I used to,
just looking straight,
in the view point of passer-by,
but, I, was looking there
as If, there is nobody except me…
as if, any ground zero with some
natural charm around.

Suddenly, some-one unknown- stranger,
a very calm face
…with soft smile
put his palm on my shoulder
& look on to my face…
he asked to me-
the purpose of
sitting like this here,
even without being utter any single letter.

I don’t know who is he
& what he want to me,
as if I got my thinking power dazzle…
but guess by his personality, someone
an Old friend of mine, a well wisher
…perhaps a person to whom I know already…
all it was due to darkness spread around me…
…I m not able to identify…

again… he or she…not sure
asked the same question, this time with words…
that I already interpret without language…
I shook my neck, negatively as reply
…as if I don’t want to converse with him
but wants to express a lot internally…
…it was not hard to guess this,
it was not beyond conscience for him.

then he raised his arm towards moon,
and said…
you could see moon traveling all night
from one direction to other…
you could see stars too along with it…
…some are near …some are as far as infinity…
but able to have a glance over them…
making different shapes and way.

some-time give a glimpse they are with moon
some-time they are not…
…does moon pauses if they are not
near with… I again shook my neck negatively.
so why you are… waiting for???
making me back into the world…
-  moons’ light enlighten only the part
which are in his side but not what
it is not, stars are also not exception
for that…

just for- that it has been making your
soul feeling relax,
soothing to your thought
& to your soul too
or do you love this tranquility…
without realizing about…
does it mean to you
or will it be forever with you…

I felt, as if, some one
have lift up the curtain…
from my eyes
to let me see the world through
which was covered till this

he continues-
…stop desiring, that moon will
turn up to you where you are not
despite face the sun,
wish to become that sun,
who not only make visible the part-
in front but also powers the moon
& carries a lot fire-storms
without letting know to
the moon , to the stars…

at once… I turn up…
there is no one with me…
even, any person,
but some scenting air is blowing there...
flowers are smiling
stars & moon have been fading
-it has been dawn not the dark...!!!

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