Crossing a hillside road with the aptitude of a tortoise.

I hope you have already got the scene of this image, however, i don't know whom have captured this image but perhaps it demonstrate some Cycling Competition.

Well it has been a long time that I have not write anything here and my blog page is about to become stale, obviously one who loves to write would never want to let his/her blog to become obsolete or stale kinda. 

Actually it is Life's first rule to keep moving at any cost, hope you have all heard an old story of Tortoise and Rabbit, that told by either  from our  grandpa, or granny or even Big Brother or Sister or by of course parent too. Well... story is like this way (just in short) one day rabbit who wanted to humiliate tortoise...   decides to race till some point in the forest, and thought rabbit who could  win easily as tortoise can 't run as fast as he can. But in actual what happened there everyone know.

Well it is really very Popular Question in our text book (at junior school level) "What did you Learn from this story"... in similar fashion i m not going to ask same Q rather simply ..want to express my thought related to this question.

We must follow tortoise willingness and dedication to complete race however it doesn't matter whether we are worth to participate but once we have put into the competition than we must have to keep moving towards our Target, no matter it is mountainside road or sloppy or full of stones, we must walk.

Now-a-days I m also facing the same situation that i have to reach to my destination on such elevated road before it gets too dark to see anything. However I don't wish to walk as like tortoise but surely wish to adopt his Aptitude to reach to the destination moving continuously...!!

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