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so it is the last day of the year 2010, and definitely the last blog for this year itself.

as you could guess that I just here to review my year with all of you... this could be prove to boredom for you, ...but after all it makes me to feel that some things in life either good or bad will never persist with me.. but the lessons i got learn, will always. So whatsoever I have done till this second, i did with my wish...so what so ever result i got are due to me, so for what ever bad have happened, no one is responsible except me and, the opposite of it, I thank every one who have helped me to achieve this opportunity to enjoy the good moment of life.

Thank you almighty and thanks to everyone to avail me this opportunity to express my sincere thanks... !!! :)

thank you so much once again!  

Review of 2010 cum Thanks giving moment.


Catching the value of any Kind of Dialog Boxes

How to use the value return by any message box?

We use message box when we want to make aware of any info, warning, error, message, greeting anything by your candidate system. In this case we just use the enumerator DialogResult class which help us to know the result of any click made over on a MessageBox control.

Lets do a hands on example

first of all we design a form, according to this situation I open a new form using File-> New -> Project option in C# language section.
Keep the name whatever u wish, for simplicity I have not change the name of form.
Lets do Design  of our form.
Just place a button and a label.
we would double click on “Button “ and it will open its handler in which we could write code that we want to execute.
that is we wanna execute a message box, and over which when we click which ever button, it would return the value of click. I hope this scenario is as clearer as like water.

just go through pictures and understand the process what I have done to accomplish what has said above.
Pic 1:
 Pic 2:


Picture 1: here we just create a form and double click over that.

Picture 2: here we have been writing code. Open a message box and taking it s value into enum class object of DialogResult. It is really important line of code… which ever controls value you are thinking to be read like Open dialog or Save dialog box you can use this enumerator class and make your job simple.

DialogResult d = MessageBox.Show(“your message”,”title”, MessBoxButton.OKCancel, MessageBoxIcon.Stop);

I hope you have got what were going on in the code written above, now it is time to taste the result of our hard work.

in the above image, which is the output of our example we generate a message box on the click over button1. And For instance we click over OK button, now see what actually happens below.

It is displaying OK text on the label1, which means we have selected OK button. That is what we want to show to the user, now if you want to see CANCEL text on the label1 then you must write the code in Visual Studio IDE for .net framework.

Leave your comment under here, if you face any problem in executing the above program in any way.

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Line Number along with Code in VS2008/VS2010/VS2012

Hello buddies!

We often need to go on a particular line number to check the error found, specified by the IDE, (Visual Studio 2008). In this way you can understand the need of line numbers along with code. however you can go on a particular line by pressing a key combination that is (ctrl+G), and input the line number there and you will take to the desired line number for whatever reason you want to go there.

Well there is one very simple trick to display each line for your code. These are as follows:-
1> Click Tools menu.
2> Click Options.
3> At the left hand side pane, select Text editor
4> Select Basic. and in General option check the check box attach with Line numbers (if you want to display only at a platform upon which you are working at present than select that platform and again follow the same step- General>Check the box attach with Line numbers).
5> Finish :)
Click Tools

Text editor-> Basic-> Check Line number

->Text editor -> C# -> Check Line number



one day I was sitting on the bench
of the park, on a eve
…as I used to,
just looking straight,
in the view point of passer-by,
but, I, was looking there
as If, there is nobody except me…
as if, any ground zero with some
natural charm around.

Suddenly, some-one unknown- stranger,
a very calm face
…with soft smile
put his palm on my shoulder
& look on to my face…
he asked to me-
the purpose of
sitting like this here,
even without being utter any single letter.

I don’t know who is he
& what he want to me,
as if I got my thinking power dazzle…
but guess by his personality, someone
an Old friend of mine, a well wisher
…perhaps a person to whom I know already…
all it was due to darkness spread around me…
…I m not able to identify…

again… he or she…not sure
asked the same question, this time with words…
that I already interpret without language…
I shook my neck, negatively as reply
…as if I don’t want to converse with him
but wants to express a lot internally…
…it was not hard to guess this,
it was not beyond conscience for him.

then he raised his arm towards moon,
and said…
you could see moon traveling all night
from one direction to other…
you could see stars too along with it…
…some are near …some are as far as infinity…
but able to have a glance over them…
making different shapes and way.

some-time give a glimpse they are with moon
some-time they are not…
…does moon pauses if they are not
near with… I again shook my neck negatively.
so why you are… waiting for???
making me back into the world…
-  moons’ light enlighten only the part
which are in his side but not what
it is not, stars are also not exception
for that…

just for- that it has been making your
soul feeling relax,
soothing to your thought
& to your soul too
or do you love this tranquility…
without realizing about…
does it mean to you
or will it be forever with you…

I felt, as if, some one
have lift up the curtain…
from my eyes
to let me see the world through
which was covered till this

he continues-
…stop desiring, that moon will
turn up to you where you are not
despite face the sun,
wish to become that sun,
who not only make visible the part-
in front but also powers the moon
& carries a lot fire-storms
without letting know to
the moon , to the stars…

at once… I turn up…
there is no one with me…
even, any person,
but some scenting air is blowing there...
flowers are smiling
stars & moon have been fading
-it has been dawn not the dark...!!!


The Height...

Up in the sky,                           
sunshine passing through Clouds…
         on the way to earth,
Horizon usually appears
 …in middle of the day & night,
         at the deep sky.

Up in the sky,
        Infinitive deep blue sky,
Clouds around there,
…high and higher, as,
     …one can make sight,
Where eagles do fly…

Up in the sky
I don’t wanna reach there
        just by sight..
I just wanna be there…
 and wanna punch so hard
… with full potential..
  to make my sign,
on the face of mighty sky,

I want to reach at that height…,

up in the sky..
it is that height
I want to reach and realize.

I want to reach at that height!!



(This introductory tutorial cum article about a programming language is aimed towards to set a stage in the mind of new students, follower of computer software development process. Here you will get to know about what 'C' is, and how it can be useful for our career, or how it will contribute in our study/practice of art of programming.)


'C'..sounds strange a bit, at first encounter for everyone, specially for Computer science students or similar group. It is neither a acronym or nor nick name to any standard thing, however, it is improvement over previous languages like BCPL and B.
Well buddies, I would like to assure you that it is not anything alien's stuff.. it is a human artifact constitute to simplified the job of developing softwares, which we are using or developing in general.

It was developed by great computer scientist mr.
Dennis M. Ritchie in 1971 at 'AT & T Bell Labs,USA.' 'C' is a sole product of mr. Ritchie, in due course to develop an operating system named as 'UNIX' which later become popular among user due to its feature, bundled for first time in any operating system.

Let's talk about software in a nut shell- there is big array of Software scattered around us,
for example most prominent software is our Microsoft Windows 7 operating system software or its family, more specifically its ancestors like MS windows 98, 2000, xp, vista or other softwares like music player, chat client, set top box (DTH TV service) etc.

Why Should Learn 'C'

Well buddies, there are a number of reason that can explore this point.. but most common reason that you can see and realize are as follows:

[] It is very easy language to learn, ....huh..it s not such easy..okay wait for some moments....cuz it is my turn to speak for this moment :) (i will explain it shortly why it is called easy...thanks for your consent!
[] It is helpful to develop logic of problem solving for programming or you can say to develop programming mind of one who wants to be software programmer/developer, web developer, database developer/administrator/manager, network programmer, games etc.

[] It provide good platform to learn newer concepts (Objects, Classes, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism etc.) wrapped up in newer language like C++/Java/C# etc.
[] One can develop essential softwares like Operating system, compilers, interpreter, commercial software etc. can write communication network application like software part of drivers, card etc.
[] Due to its low level features it is faster in execution, hence can be used to write drivers software.

[] It provide efficient memory management.
Why It is Easy to learn
Now, lets talk about why it is called easy to learn language while it has so many strange things.
.. so don't worry just read on.
[] It has concepts which are really easy to grasp because it uses Structure programming paradigm. that is a program is viewed in this way
-> Sequence
-> Decision making
-> Iteration or loop (repetitive task)
[] Just develop a road map of your problem to be solve in computer's environment. for instance if you want to print the roll number and name of students of your class.
-> Firstly you will make a table in which you will have 2 columns captioned as Rollno and Name.
-> You will ask the name of Student and his roll number.
-> Now will write his /her data into table
-> that is it.
The same job you have to do in your program with the provided programming language construct.
[] what you will do emulate same procedure in 'C'.
-> ask or prompt with printf() enter your name and rollno.
-> than scan or write in to table with the help of scanf() , this function will write data in to main memory only, but when you invoke with printf() the data will be displayed on computer screen as output.
[] Once, and just once the concept- how to use programming construct like, expressions, statements, operators, loops, array, structures, pointers, memory management, file handling etc., you grasp here will continuously help you for ever on each step of your career be it as software developer or be it web developer or be it any other kind of developer for computer and its related activity.
because.... each language same things or tools to develop programs with a little modification or slight changes in syntax to use them, however, Java is such programming language which doesn't use pointer and other concept of C to develop softwares.
* I hope, Now you can answer of your General queries, arose at first sight upon programming.
* In next blog we will take an over view on C++ and Java and after than we would start to learn the programming construct of each language.
* Well, my dear friends this blog-cum-article will be incomplete, if it still not able to remove your doubts over use programming language, if it is the case than please leave your Questions as comments, I ll do my best to solve them.



Hello everyone...

About me
well all my friends know me by my lucky name, i.e. Nikhil Singh, as the name state it is an Indian name, exactly I am, a registered boy of India, in state of Uttar Pradesh. I was sent by Almighty God on the lucky 22nd day of August in a really loving, caring, self-reliant and really good family. I'm proud to be youngest member of this family. well there are my elder sisters and parent and one lovely granny.

What I do

At present i m a student of 'master of computer application'. As being a student i m not much a studious student but I want to be a good one who just don't complete his homework but learn why and how behind a concept. Anyway I have some different goals so it is essential to do that... well there are a lot of things I do in a day and lot more things to accomplish.

My hobbies

My Hobbies... there is not a single activity which I can determine as my hobby, however, I like to write- poems, stories, blogs. I have wrote so many poems of each genre(mood)... well perhaps I think more than the poems i wrote till this point. I think about something which is related to my extreme feelings about which I could not speak, at times or unable to speak somehow for that..

What you can Expect to me..

Well.. i am here to introduce you to Information Communication & Technology Industry in my viewpoint. So you will found some familiar topics in BPR fashion to read here... well BPR means Business Process Re-engineering... nothing hard just simple fry and serve again... Anyway you will find some Internet terminology, Programming related, DataBase related terminology, some fundamental about computers with a mix of my thoughts, etc.
However, as being of a lazy person it is not possible to update it regularly, but I ll do my best efforts to present you more from me, more from my knowledge here.

stay glued here as I ll sooner complete it... I don't promise to you but I ll do my best efforts...

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