What do you think about your experience of first year at this company?

This post will throw light on the journey of my software professional career. From the beginning to till present, this is not the end time of my career, however, also not like it is facing the rough time ever, the good time though.

The day before Yesterday, we all were talking during the recess time. It was the kind of gathering of our start-up firm. So that time a question raised that how was your journey in this company so far, as this start-up firm has just started back in January 2014 and I had joined there in August 2014. So everybody who has completed or about to complete their first year in the company had shared their thoughts/views.

I was not an exception, but I didn’t speak much. Probably I wanted to speak lots of things, but whatever at that moment my conscience suggested me, I followed up quietly, and kept my mouth shut for the better half of things.

Well, it is just a co-incidence that I was willing to write a post about this earlier, myself. Somehow, I was not able to find the time and importantly- the reason behind this.

 However, before joining here I was an independent/ freelance software developer. So whatever I am today is what that I have developed in myself during that period. I was my own boss and as well as an employee too.  This freelancer kind of thing did not invoke itself in me, but ‘something’ happened during my teenage had developed in me towards this.

So, whatever, I am not just like another employee of this world. I am like a devil employee for any company.Well, enough pranks! ;)

Anyways, you must not forget these things which I am going to summarize below.

That you are not lucky enough to get
 - A boss who would listen to you
 - An employee who will do exactly the same what you just have imagined
 - A colleague who will understand your signal at a fraction of a second
 - A friend who you always expect
 - Most Sexiest girlfriend/boyfriend ever
 - The parent who would always allow you to do what you want to do
 - A partner/spouse/sibling who would always sacrifice for you
 - To take care of your grandparents or just your own parent.
 - To always spend your time on leisure
 - Always get back your invested money at time/or your dividend
 - To win the lottery at the first day.
 - And most important, your expected salary. That will inspire you to give your best.

(You may be already having many of the above-mentioned points or probably you have them at your desk, but you are not able to identify them, then)

However, it is what I had been learning and I hope it is common for most of us. Well, I just recalled something with the word ‘common’. Being a human being we also have one thing in common- that is our omnipotent brain and few more common things which we are not having common equally through the races of humans around the world.

What is uncommon or partially common are the things that I have listed slightly above in the form of a list. However, we can categorize them too. Anyways, leave this thing I am not a psychology student, but my major point here is we can make most of the things happen that we are failing to get, using our brain (that I have described in the above list.)

Well, you will be thinking where is the crux of one year that I have earned at this company. So I would like to say it is what I have made hidden in the above list.

 Dear friends, ‘doing business’ or ‘doing job’ is not just the part of this life, but it is the way that makes our life.  So we should always be prepared to face the challenges either in the form of work /assignment or in the form attacks of your colleague. If you are not able to face them successfully, then try to understand the hidden reason behind them. The problem may or may not be complex always but how we are going to face that is more important to us.

It is not that difficult anymore to find the solution of any problem nowadays. As uncle 'google' and many others, his siblings are doing their job under the guidance of some very generous human beings. Those all noble people are available to help us at their end without waiting for our ‘thanks’ 

Thanks for reading this post up to here. :)

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