Tendency to become what actually.... you are not!!!

it is upto you how you take the things you daily face in different situations of life.
i think, many of us or almost all people don't have spirituality; i mean there is no one such person left who could hide their emotions. 
for instance some one has disobeyed you, and due to this very important task could not be completed as you have planned. 
or some one has insulted about you very badly or has ill-spoke about you it is possible that you would definitely want to take avenge then.
or very commonly, if you are doing some important work and at that time some one in any  means disturb you, then, could you prevent yourself by being angry? please think honestly, absolutely not at all.
I would like to say however you show yourself smart, cool, tendy, modernise, romantic, hot or what so ever, at some point of life you do what you actually dont want to do or failed to show up to any one else about that.
I know how difficult it is to prove yourself what you are, or what type of Personality you want. However as being a human being, err is possible from any of us, and it is possible & not much difficult to stick to what which is ethically comfortable not to what which may turn us into egoish or showy or selfish or in urdu 'tees mar khan'.

I don't know in which sense you will take my points, however, i don't say this that you 'r unaware about this... but actually I used to messed up with the people who do have such duality in their behaviour and it doesn't meant i dont have such crap thing in my behaviour but it is limited to me only or better say, developed for those type of people only.

Thanks to bear my words :) and I wish you will enjoy the state in which you could behave the best without being worried about the duality of your behaviour.

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