Hello everyone ... 

today lets take a look on Java Script basics. so buddies please don't be impatient, this series will improve gradually... & hope will benefit both groups of Non programmer or Just programmer of any hard core language.


Kuchh Ksharikaayein......


Ab to mann  me ukari hui ateet ki 
lakeero ko mitaanaa hi hoga...

Ab to iss balwati hote Kaal ko 
Thaamnaa hi hoga...


Kuchh Ksharikaayein.

Chalte Chalte....

Hm to bs chal pare hain ab,
chinta nhi hai koi ki..
Gairon ka saath milega yaa



(Hindi (language) poem...)
samundar ka kinara bhi akela maloom deta hai.... 
baar baar badhta jaroor
hai jameen ki or magr naa jane
kya sochta hai


Basics of OOPs (Object Oriented Programming System)


Object Oriented Programming system or OOPs or OOP model come into light when the 'Structural Programming Methodology/Approach' had been became unsuccessful to manage large chunk of codes and could not able to much help in 'reusability' of existing code & as well as in 'performance'. Also 'security' of data could not be maintained effectively. Lets start with understanding what is actually OOP system.


Straightforward points about Overriding

Overriding comes into use when we have a requirement in which we want to keep the same name and same signature for more than one method. Let's know more about overriding in more simple words with a simple example of how it could be achieve..


Talking about C# Interface: in few simple straightforward steps.

Introduction to Interface

 interface just define a general way to represent our requirement as a whole...which can classified in the form empty methods means method without body, simply an interface to something/ to some functionality that you are going to specialize in your further classes. Lets see some common example of Interface.


C# Method Overloading- in few simple steps with example

So, till this moment you saw some common scenarios about OOPs and its related concepts. Basically the premier use of OOPs programming methodology is to employ Resuability,
               Allow to focus on data, 
               Protability etc.

C# code Abstract method- In few simple straightforward steps


'abstract' is a keyword in C# programming language which help us to create generalize version of any method, which is must to be override in its derived class. However it is similar to interface thing but still it gives many benefits of using this to its user.... lets see how it is similar to interface or where it differ...

When the going gets tough the tough get going

Well..!! this was the shocking news that 'Jiah Khan'- one of the several aspiring actress of Bollywood film Industry did suicide.

However... here I am not going diagnose the reason behind her this cowardice act... but I want to say that it was nothing good...this news is just indigestible.


Select start up project in just 3 steps in visual studio 2008/2010/2012

Hello guys,

Well sometimes, you have to add more than one project in Solution explorer. Then you may struck in that the desired project is not executing when you press either Ctrl+F5 or F5. So lets drive into it without wasting a second to do something else...


Starting with array variable

Intro to Array variable

Array is just like another variable in C#, which holds the same type of value under the same name.
E.g. nameOfStudents (string type array), marksOfSubject (integer/Number type array), listOfTemperature (double/float type array).

So here is a quick and short work around on Arrays...

whether to press F5 or ctrl+F5 to execute my program

(in the previous post you have read about to write your first c# program under Visual Studio environment. Today we shall come across the differences of using F5 and ctrl+F5 to run/execute our program.)


How to write c sharp program in 8 simple steps using visual studio 2008/2010

How to write a program in visual studio 2008/2010

It is really very easy to use an Integrated Development Environment or IDE to practice any programming language.

However, doing programming practice in that is good but don't wish to rely on 'Intellisense' feature. Other wise you would not be able to recall which syntax you would type or which class you should write after '.'

Well to do just open visual studio. And follow these steps
>> click on File menu and then New.
>> click on New Project.
>> Select your project type, lets pick, Console Application.
>> Now proceed, type the name that you want to give to your namespace, in first box labelled as Name.
>> Browse the location or let visual studio save this in its own place created already under Library folder by the name of Visual Studio 2010.
>> now type the solution name which is of Visual studio use and also you could remember by it that this specific programs have been stored here.

>> So it will another Tab/window under its environment which is named as Program.cs

>> now you can write your c# code under the 'firstprogram' namespace.
(you can find this is in following snapshot)

So it was a short and sweet example of how you may create a c# program. I have not given screen shots of each steps, because i assume the above are self-explanatory. Just do it buddies. However in case of any just write under here in comment box.

Good Luck!


Number that may someone care

image_source: flicker

I could not recall exactly the day, on which I saw her...
I could not recall exactly the day, on which I started to like her...

I could not recall exactly the day, since which i have developed a feeling that I love her...

I could not recall exactly the number of days, which I lived without her... without letting her know that i love her...

I could not recall exactly the number of days.. which I hide to her that I am in love with her...

I could not recall exactly the number of moments... which i spent with her..

I could not recall exactly the number of moments... that i fought with her over little things..

I could not recall exactly the number of moments...  that she mocked with me & i took them seriously... 

I could not recall exactly the number of moments... that she kept quiet over my expressions....


I could recall that day, on which we met last time as we used to meet...

I could recall that time span that I lived without any talk with her...

we didn't get separated, though, my heart did ... but during this period I learnt what I would never been able to learn ...

Anyway... heart still wished that...but mind holds this wish to be wish...

in a nut shell...actually it was a love at first sight for me but doesn't have any guess what actually it was for her... I imagine this in my way... but

..today.. I am no more willing to know such because what ever I have learnt about her tells me it is what she is ... and I have no complaint about how rudely she has taught me this lesson...

And it really matters for me and I think, this is why I still love her the way I did without knowing her exactly...

...whatever... whether she could verify or not on the numbers... it doesn't matter for me either...

because I also don't trust in numbers.

Though, records or number doesn't reveal anything about my love or how she treated/behaved to me...

may be it does matter how we respect each other and able to manage the sweetness of our relation...

well... I am grateful to her for this great sharing.

Thank you my angel!!


#expression overflow:scroll

image source: flicker

It is really not easy to explain yourself each time... but if you'r explaining yourself again and again... in front of those whom you consider your well-wisher/love one's then it is really not good and very much painful for anyone... who is been suffering such situation.

One solution is that you can keep silence & do your work but how long it is quite possible...

Anyway what else could be done when you'r bounded by these things... should cry or yell... or yell out loud.

I have completely lost my temperament and feeling like mentally disorder person...  I have became sick and continuously thinking random things either which are relevant or irrelevant to me... 


#expression overflow:scroll

a conversation with omnipresent god

I know, most of people trust you blindly or they are not interested to talk over this issue as if it is not of their business, possibly many of them does not know why they should trust you or for what they should be grateful to you.

Still there are also a breed of people who don’t trust over your existence, however all is their own opinion/perception… however I m not such wise one who will determine what one should do or not, yet as per my little improper knowledge I am grateful to you for making me to experience your calm & soothing existence.

I have understood it that whatsoever you are making us to do is for a reason, and it is also true if we don’t
follow that route we must have to face 
consequence of that which we don’t deserve but we have to.

I was really unaware of whatsoever you are doing for our goodness earlier but now-a-days I really have realized and understood the intricacies you have woven to make our life good.

visible but invisible to normal eye- The God
I will always be grateful to you for all your trust which you have been showing up over me unconditionally.

It is really a pleasing experience to realize and felt your presence at this tender age. I think it is awesome… could not be explain/express in words.

I am not as strong as you are but I could courage to promise to you that I will fulfill my all duty(s) for which you have created me, for which you have sent me in your magnificent world.

I will also promise to you that I will not beg anything which I could earn by my own endeavour from this point of life to the day which is fixed.

I will also not worry about whatever test you will want to test on me in any situation…

I will always follow to the rules and goal for which you have imparted your divine particles of yourself in me.

thank you very much for everything
However dear omnipresent lord last but not the least I would like to utter an unmatched word for your all blessings- “Thank you”!

Thank you so much!!

Disclaimer: Images attached here are taken from internet, displayed in the search result made via search engine. If you find them *copyrighted* one, please let me know I shall take them back. thank you!

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#expressions overflow:auto

image source: internet via google dot com

After a long time i m going to express myself...and with out using Airtel... :P  ;)

however, there is nothing such stuff like having an airtel or anything, ummm... airtel is just annoying... it is something like talking with yourself..better say Myself...

it is not just limited to facebook... not limited to twitter or whichever social networking kinda.

here you all are invited automatically just because of technology... oh no man.. i was about to talk with myself.. and just like a crazy techi person going to talk with technical things..

no... i m in no mood to talk in this subject.. after a long week of running behind dreams, work, recovering from illness & vice-versa.. in short in a recursive way.. hahahaha.. i really would like to explain this recursive thing but some other day.. not-a-promise.. ;P..

well i m no more tired i am still energetic and concentrated towards ...err.. i try it daily to keep myself concentrated over my work and duties.

well.. still which thing is letting me down...yea.. i have answer too...i m breaking by my own illness, which I really want to get cured.. really want to leave it million miles behind.. hummfff..sighed.. don't know... really hard to keep yourself to stand on the diet suggested by doc.. taking medicines..

or some other time i used to think on the issues which i used to face in my life or to get cure my all problems with a magic stick... these things which lets me down...

...i speak it straight forwardly directly from deep of my heart to everyone... don't know how many of you will conclude it in negative manner or how many will take it as usual..generally i m not willing to analyze these things..

I am really no more interested to listen issues like your girlfriend/boyfriend err.. or really no more interested to mess up in things like finding a girlfriend or just label someone as that creepy thing term... or i just don't want to show any one his/her way of life.. i just love to talk to talk if anyone do... and that 's it otherwise i m no more interested to talk... i want to live with peace in this polluted environment...

 i really don't know what someone know.. i always  want to make way for me and the world/things which revolves around me are not just common like a common man... however it is doesn't mean i am something special but still i m a bit different.. & difficult to handle as well..

 i am no more interested to give anyone any sort of pain but always i find myself in this situation ...ohh godd.. it is just unlikely... I am no more willing to do this but anyone must understand that some person too has some pain with her/himself...

 i am always crazy to reach to help to anyone out there but still i could not if i am not aware about that..

 i always run after to find some moments where i can make my mad mind relaxed.. i do really seek a person, who can just listen me for nothing and i definitely would not expect to him/her to speak in my favour, i would accept if i m wrong.. but it is not necessary for one that s/he will pick or would show me a weak side or defensive one to just resolve the alarming issue with me.. nobody don't know that i m already on this side and this is why i m seeking you to just take your hand, to bounce back and to fight with these situations...

and I m doing my share of work… and it is more good thing for me.. I m no more demotivated or anything sort of like this but I …not any exception… like other persons I just need a little bit of support…

but i really just want to be myself.. and would love to enjoy my life in my way.. and finally ..and off course definitely to live like guy next door of this beautiful life.

thank you!!

This blog post do not intend to hurt any one's feeling and do not intend to support any commercial or non-commercial product/activity. Any resemblance is  just a co-incidence and if any inconvenience occurred is deeply regretted. Thank you! 
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3 Steps to change Font size of Adobe Dreamweaver cs x.x.x


Well friends, oftentimes while we are designing any web page layout or coding for any 3 tire architecture website, we all face a common problem. That is we could easily read the 'Courier new' font face.  So there are 3 easy steps, following which we could change the font-size of editor of Adobe Dreamweaver.

These steps in black and white are as follows:
1. Press shortcut command 'Ctrl+U' or Go to Edit menu-> Preferences or if not possible then look at tool bar placed at Left. (just check out these images please.)

2. Click this and it will pop up a new window which is titled as 'Preferences'. here you will find various settings where you would find a tab labeled as 'Font'

3. This place is what where you can give value as per your comfort level.


3 steps to control who can see your post over facebook

Hi there..

One day I was visiting my facebook profile then I come across to a post; posted by one of my frien- showing concern in regards to new facebook setting which are just issued on this January(2013).

well.. friends, you have seen that facebook is continuously improving its settings to make its users feel safe and happy while living at facebook.

But still in this process they miss some point which make its user's fearful.
However friends if you are scared about who is going to see your post after click post/update status or share button then keep in mind using these setting you can control who is going to see your post over facebook, then you just need to the following:
+]Go to Settings
  -> Then look for Privacy in the left hand side panel.
  -> Here you will find who can see my stuff.
  -> So friends this is the point where you can change what others can see.

If you have created any list then it is recommended to create a list first then post your stuff using these list and after then you will never need to care about 3rd party friends, whether they will be able to see your stuff. okay!!

here is a snapshot to make this task with an ease... wish you very happy facebook life style. 

Thank you!!
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Technology That Empowers Me


you are welcome to this page... i know you are in hurry, you do not have time to listen or better say or to read this text but whatever you are willing to know.. err.. scratch up about technology. ;)

Ahh.. it is not so difficult to understand about technology. You are already using one of the most popular technology of this era... and i am also focused on this domain.. opss... domain- it is not from your internet book. :) but a bit from your maths book. 

There are several technologies that ranges from your kitchen to space... some are already popular & some are going to become.. however in all those the wildly popular technology is the one that is already in our hands... i.e. Computer.. you may argue that internet is the most popular but problem would struck in one another popular question who came first chicken or egg.. lol..!! So to avoid this lets go ahead with computers!!!! 


Sometimes, It seems that we are incomplete without mobile. 

And off-course . we are... because mobile or cellular phone technology has given such power with resembles to talk with the people you love, you care, anytime anywhere on just few clicks.

There are mainly two type of cell phones, which flourishs our need(s).

 >> Smart phone
 >> General phones

and others are also fulfilling the need of niche category people.. :)
 >> Tablets
 >> Phablets


Computer... Something which is a start to tour a new world. A world where you can do almost all things, except some routines life case. ;)

Anyway as we are used to use computer to watch movies, to listen music and popularly to play game.

Well, Now-a-days, if you have heard some mythological stories that tells man could fly and could connect to some other person instantly and can share thoughts etc. then, it is a reality now.

You could follow your heart smoothly. You can do:-

>> Connect with your desired people i.e. to communicate
>> You could solve complex problem of diagnostic of patient sitting at an other corner of the world.
>> You could watch people just live another person living at another corner of world.
>> Get informed about latest trends.

You can use following type of computer as per your requirement.

>>  Tablets aka micro computer now-a-days.
>>  Laptops aka mini computer now-a-days.
>>  Desktop.. :) still sits in the category of mini computer.
>>  Super computer.

A computer runs with the help of different softwares & hardwares. These software are generally knows as

>>  Operating system.
>>  ERP software.
>>  Browsers.
>>  Installer.


About internet you are almost aware & somehow if not then a short intro to this is as follows:- "it is a place where you can not just communicate with the people you care but a place where you can run your business."

>>  However main uses evolves from our day to day life, that starts from the facebook. ;)
>>  Sending email to our bosses or teachers
>>  Sending messages.
>>  Getting tutorials from google. (not recommended but indeed helpful ;) )

Okays... above was the just intro, well internet runs behind the mesh of wires and in the solid steel boxes.. that are generally 

>>  Switches
>>  Routers
>>  Hubs
>>  Modems
>>  Co-ax cables
>>  Optic fiber..

Technologies of Future

So far, we have talked about the latest technologies that we are using.

Let's talk about the technologies which are still to be unveiled in front of us. 

One more thing, that a technology which we are seeing today will become obsolete in just few months, for instance 12-36 months.

However these are..

>>  Fold-able/wearable mobiles.
  >> Invisible keyboards.
  >> Portable system, which have performance like general computers of today, regarded minicomputer
  >> 1 Gbps (GigaBits Per Seconds) Internet speed. 

these technology inventions, which are listed above are latest by 12 of January, 2013. It is most probable that these will become an reality soon.

Just Casually but sincerely....

However we are all comfortable with computers, mobiles, laptop, internet, talking mobile gadget, virtual assistant ... and lots of others devices/software that are bringing change & impacting to our life in a big amount but still we should keep one thing in our mind that this is not everything that we want all.

We must find few moments to smile, for our love, Grand parents, family, friends, pets, relatives, and definitely they do deserve, and we should not ignore at any cost... actually these entities makes our life not these dumb devices.

So friends I would like you and myself also do take an oath, to use these gadgets to the extent where they solve our business related queries, lets us to earn money and helps us to stay connect with. 

Thank you very much!!

Exclusively By Nikhil

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