About software requirement specification document.

Being a student you could not understand the importance of the software requirement specification document except this it could be the most boring task for most of us.
(Actually I m also student with some part time software development experience)

we all are use to concentrated towards developing the project, invest more and more time to see it just working, no matter how many times we beg help of our instructor. ( i think an average student, as I am, would be agree with this) however I could not get the thinking of Smarter students, as they were not the part of our group. I have learnt many things related to my ongoing career on my own experiment(s) whether they came via long route or any. However I don’t say that I did it only on my own hard work but in the guidance of my instructor, he helped me and have been helping me in shaping my skills for my perspective career.

He gave me opportunity to take hands-on experience for the project to sharpen the concept I did study in my syllabi.

Well I want to share the experience about not making the software requirement document before proceeding on the road of software development.
It was the most crucial time when I supposed to prepare this document but i didn't, anyway I did work on it but just for to have a glimpse of what I 'll do in this software. But it was not good foundation and insufficient for a good software to develop.

 I deliberately worked over it but all work came at halt when I got miss the points from my RAM that I want to provide in my software, hence i have missed the way to develop this software as my project work, now my willingness to develop this software has turned in to unwillingness to develop (and it makes me bore when ever i execute this) without software requirement specification document.

Actually unwillingness aroused cuz software has not any buyer till this moment but it could get on it completion so It is important to finish this at any cost.

Till this point I have done a lot of code for this software and successfully performing the required task, appx 90%. Over a long time around 3+ months.
but remaining 10% non working functionality fade the enjoyment of 90%- it s more painful.

But at this moment I could not do anything because it needs double patience to understand the code that I have done without the help of document. Also I cannot blame to anyone except myself. As every one can see that code has done by me so I would not have much difficulty in overhauling this but Interesting point is that I have also got the experience of doing maintenance job for any software according to my little knowledge. :D

so buddies, you could see all is the story of Software Requirement specification. and if you are looking for some theoretical notes about srs (the alias name of Software requirement specification doc) than i would like to suggest you to surf it on Google cuz these notes are much helpful than my insights.

But you can use my experience as an example if you wish and can also note down some point as why one should prepare software requirement specification and we should stick to it, however all of these points are also printed in text but this is some real life experience and may help you to understand the importance of this document without pondering much what the hell we are doing before developing project.

Well I would like to advice you to prepare the SRS before proceeding over there and also you must conform it that you are going according to this.

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