In the morning time, I used to see these people- a blind couple, a few children who are unable to speak and hear(age group of 13-18) and sometimes one more person- on the way to my office.

However, I do not talk to all of them but, though, in some way they are conveying some messages to all of us- the so called complete people (having power of all see, touch, smell, speak senses.) 

I know we all are equal because we are the human being in first place. But, still there is something different about them.

Anyways, I reach to my office by a metro train. So in order to reach metro station, I go on foot and on the way I meet all of them.

I know talking about the learning is easier said than done. By the blessings of the almighty, I am able to do whatever I talk about a little bit.

 Anyways, nevertheless, I have to learn a lot of things. And I don't know which incident/  person/object could teach me that lesson.

Well, I would like to start these lessons that anyone can learn from those true angels, - a young blind couple.

You know often we got some little illness or a headache then we are unable to make our daily tasks lets say we find it difficult to walk few hundreds of meters, and we would like to hire an auto rickshaw. It can be depend on the person too but in my opinion to travel few hundred meters; you need not to cover that distance using your bike/car/auto rickshaw. Just walk that distance and you can help environment to keep clean.

 However that couple cover distance up to the nearest bus stop on foot daily, that is almost 1 KM in total.

I guess, they must hire an auto-rickshaw or simple rickshaw but they made that distance on their own with the help of each other, along with a kind person who I think, knows them in some way or really a kind stranger.

Well while at another end of journey that is the destination of my metro journey, there are few hundreds of meters of distance between my office and METRO station. During this walk I see those children.

At times, if you notice them from far enough distance, I meant from where you can see a person easily, you won't find that those children are talking using their sweet sign language.

You will see those kids are equally vibrant, talkative, happy and sometimes naughty too like- actually they are the human being too. They have an extra power than us (so called complete people)

As you can notice the willingness to live in the way other complete people are doing in their lives. Like they are continuously moving ahead without worrying about what they don't have in their life. They're making possible vibrant/loud communication in the way they are able to do.

There is one stranger who I see on a bus stop. This person is a saint. He has got a name "sai bhajan."

He is in his mid-age. He has got short hair, round face and a bit dusky in color, not so lean/thin, have got sparkling eyes and his face reflects an aura. He doesn't go anywhere for accommodation; he just spent his all nights, be it winter or summer or rainy season under the shed of this bus stop. He does't have many pair of clothes. He takes food only one time at night and recites the prayers of "Sai baba ji" in the nearby temple each morning. 

Like me, however I am a lazy man there are many others who also know him and at times they all do help him. Once, Sai bhajanji got some infection in his foot. Then a local person who is happened to doctor at the reputed hospital of Delhi; helped him a lot to get treatment & bed in that hospital.

Here I want to say that -"God does exist and watching over us" & whether you would believe me or not I have experienced the presence of God & Devil around me equally.

Thank you for reading this post. Have a good time. :)

This blog post is result of my own efforts; and characters are as real as I am in myself.

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