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samundar ka kinara bhi akela maloom deta hai.... 
baar baar badhta jaroor
hai jameen ki or magr naa jane
kya sochta hai


Basics of OOPs (Object Oriented Programming System)


Object Oriented Programming system or OOPs or OOP model come into light when the 'Structural Programming Methodology/Approach' had been became unsuccessful to manage large chunk of codes and could not able to much help in 'reusability' of existing code & as well as in 'performance'. Also 'security' of data could not be maintained effectively. Lets start with understanding what is actually OOP system.


Straightforward points about Overriding

Overriding comes into use when we have a requirement in which we want to keep the same name and same signature for more than one method. Let's know more about overriding in more simple words with a simple example of how it could be achieve..


Talking about C# Interface: in few simple straightforward steps.

Introduction to Interface

 interface just define a general way to represent our requirement as a whole...which can classified in the form empty methods means method without body, simply an interface to something/ to some functionality that you are going to specialize in your further classes. Lets see some common example of Interface.


C# Method Overloading- in few simple steps with example

So, till this moment you saw some common scenarios about OOPs and its related concepts. Basically the premier use of OOPs programming methodology is to employ Resuability,
               Allow to focus on data, 
               Protability etc.

C# code Abstract method- In few simple straightforward steps


'abstract' is a keyword in C# programming language which help us to create generalize version of any method, which is must to be override in its derived class. However it is similar to interface thing but still it gives many benefits of using this to its user.... lets see how it is similar to interface or where it differ...

When the going gets tough the tough get going

Well..!! this was the shocking news that 'Jiah Khan'- one of the several aspiring actress of Bollywood film Industry did suicide.

However... here I am not going diagnose the reason behind her this cowardice act... but I want to say that it was nothing good...this news is just indigestible.


Select start up project in just 3 steps in visual studio 2008/2010/2012

Hello guys,

Well sometimes, you have to add more than one project in Solution explorer. Then you may struck in that the desired project is not executing when you press either Ctrl+F5 or F5. So lets drive into it without wasting a second to do something else...


Starting with array variable

Intro to Array variable

Array is just like another variable in C#, which holds the same type of value under the same name.
E.g. nameOfStudents (string type array), marksOfSubject (integer/Number type array), listOfTemperature (double/float type array).

So here is a quick and short work around on Arrays...

whether to press F5 or ctrl+F5 to execute my program

(in the previous post you have read about to write your first c# program under Visual Studio environment. Today we shall come across the differences of using F5 and ctrl+F5 to run/execute our program.)


How to write c sharp program in 8 simple steps using visual studio 2008/2010

How to write a program in visual studio 2008/2010

It is really very easy to use an Integrated Development Environment or IDE to practice any programming language.

However, doing programming practice in that is good but don't wish to rely on 'Intellisense' feature. Other wise you would not be able to recall which syntax you would type or which class you should write after '.'

Well to do just open visual studio. And follow these steps
>> click on File menu and then New.
>> click on New Project.
>> Select your project type, lets pick, Console Application.
>> Now proceed, type the name that you want to give to your namespace, in first box labelled as Name.
>> Browse the location or let visual studio save this in its own place created already under Library folder by the name of Visual Studio 2010.
>> now type the solution name which is of Visual studio use and also you could remember by it that this specific programs have been stored here.

>> So it will another Tab/window under its environment which is named as Program.cs

>> now you can write your c# code under the 'firstprogram' namespace.
(you can find this is in following snapshot)

So it was a short and sweet example of how you may create a c# program. I have not given screen shots of each steps, because i assume the above are self-explanatory. Just do it buddies. However in case of any just write under here in comment box.

Good Luck!

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