A Farmer: My inspiration

In this blog, I am going to talk about the farmer - "the way he inspires me."

The ‘satyagraha’ movement run by the Indian farmers is such an incidence that inspires me a lot. It demonstrates incredible courage and determination against the unjustifiable ordinances of farmers. Even an ordinary farmer working in his/her field is an epitome of inspiration.

The way a farmer toils in the field, we cannot undermine it with the work of a researcher, or a CEO, as well it is no less than the toughest job of a soldier.

Like any other profile in this vast world of various job profiles, a farmer is also such an entrepreneur who takes risks on his/her product.

A farmer also invests capital and workforce as well, as per the requirement.

He also monitors the product under development and makes all kinds of decisions to maintain the quality of the produce.

He doesn't take rest for a single day until the harvest is ready. After harvesting crops, he has to do other related jobs also all by himself. For example, packaging, selling, transporting the product to the customer, cleaning of stubble, etc.

He has not got any intermediary help to help him out in the process of producing a crop.

A farmer is totally dependent on himself through the process of development of the chosen crop from day one.

Though the government has provided him facilities, s/he is not able to reap the benefit/s due to improper implementation of schemes.

A farmer runs subsidiary businesses also to earn a livelihood until his main product is not ready. For example: working as an artisan, a mason, or sometimes as a rickshaw puller, or in a factory as labour, etc.

A farmer's family is also providing him help while he may be out of the field or in the field. 

There are various jobs that are needed to be done while a crop is under development, for example, setup of the ground or technically to dig the field in order to sow the seeds, or to water the ground adequately -- not less or more, to debug the crop or technically we can call it, a process to remove insects, or in other words spraying pesticides onto the crop. This was how we observed the role of the farmer's family too.

In no opinion, we cannot undermine the work a farmer has been producing for literally meagre prices.

In my humble opinion, if we the people can do the hard work even by a tiny percentage, the way a farmer puts hard work in his/her field with utmost honesty & dedication in his/her farm, we can also attain our goal of prosperity, happiness, development for sure across the country.

Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru once has said, “Most things, except agriculture, can wait.” 

Thus, a farmer is a person who inspires me a lot.

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