3 Simple steps to Add facebook Like Box or Button to your Blogger.

In this blog post we shall go through the basic steps which one need to add popular like box or like button of Facebook (the mechanism to stay connected with friends and as well as client of one Business) to their website(s) or blog sites.

Friends it is common to use Facebook now-a-days, be it individual or be it business entity, generally each person want to increase his/her popularity and reach through the masses or wants to stay in contact with his/her friend circle. For this purpose one take help of different ways e.g.
 -> He/She used to visit his/her friend circle.
 -> If entity is business it takes help of marketing/advertising to keep up to date itself about customers and let customer to know about business services or product(s) /product line information.
 -> And various requirements about which I think you must better know yourself. :)

However on this vast world of Internet you could find plenty of resources that may be guiding you/teaching you how to add Facebook like button or box, but unfortunately all of them are so difficult to understand for a ordinary user of this high level technology.

There I will represent this task in a step by step method using snapshots to integrate your Facebook fan page to your blogger site, however these steps are also useful to other blog platform as well, because you  just have to follow these simple steps every where, be it you are new to internet or any sort of developer.

(These steps are also useful to attach a Facebook Like button- I 'll discuss these steps after the demonstration of Like box steps.)

Here are just 3 Major Sections which will help you to go through to implement Like Box or Like Button.

1) Firstly Get the Code of your desired  Facebook page and then we copy the first step, which is written under XFBML tab, and pastes this code right after Body element in your web or post source. (in blogger in new updated version you will not able to see code body element but don't worry, you can paste this code snippets just at the top of all code.
      1.1) Write your facebook URL page and other settings.
Input Your facebook URL and input other settings accordingly .

click over Get Code.

Edit your post and paste the code of Like Box you just got
2) Then pick the code specified in step 2 at XFBML section of code and write in the HTML  element. (as it has demonstrated in the figure below).

   2.2.1) Go to Template menu option.

   2.2.2) Edit HTML
   2.2.3) So friend don't bother of this mere warning, actually I m here to assist you, click Proceed now.

Paste the code as shown here in the HTML element tag.

3) Now you are a bit closer to get your work done. Let us see how we could do perform this job with perfection.
copy this code and follow the steps written below.

   3.3.1) Select Layout and then Add Gadget option.

Click on Add a Gadget

   3.3.2) Select HTML/JavaScript gadget box.

   3.3.3) And Paste the code written in step 3 of Code displayed after clicking over Get code button.(you can give any title to this gadget box.)

   3.3.4) Now perform finishing task and preview it.

Voila..!! it has done so easily.. isn't it.. So friend these steps were what you need to follow to add an Like Box to your blogger site.
Congrat!! you have successfully added an  Like Box.

Steps to add an Like button.
come down straight to step 3.0. and paste the code you have given for your like button and follow the other listed steps , that is it.

Now you have learnt to add an Like button as well :)
So friends just try these 3 simple steps to add an like Box or Like button to your blogger or any other platform of your choice, and if you struck in any problem just contact me back here and I ll surely help you to finish your task.

All the Best!! :)


Software Engineering- What it is and how to get Job in it.

I want to write this post for the people who are seeking job in the Software Development Market, in general, not pointing to any specific technology. I want to describe what kind of work one software engineer do and also how they do. After than I ll throw light on how one can enter or may get job in this market. I shall also list the links where one can get more information about this industry. 

So I would like to start my discussion from the first Question “who is the Software Engineer”?

The software engineer is one who applies the principal of software engineering to achieve the goal of to develop software to solve a general life complex problem, using Computers- To produce useful Information.
This could help masses to increase productivity, performance, and most sought reason profitability.

These problems may be as follows:-
1)      To generate Tickets.
2)      To Prepare Balance sheets and various other types of Accounts.
3)      To Perform Analysis and Research based on complex data like census, population data, sales data, collection of temperatures of various cities of the world & other scientific data which could help to generate information etc.
4)      Robotics or automation of any mechanical process.
5)      To automate any other complex process. (I guess above given example has created enough big picture of software in general human mind. who is fascinated about software.)
       6)      Money Transferring over Web.

Now I could guess that one who is familiar a little bit with softwares or software engineering or computer science have grasp the job of Software engineer.

But in short I would like to tell you the most probable task of the Software engineer, it is –“To produce such information using computer which can help mankind regarding to its business or job.”

Well I already have explained about business but once again I would like list some more users of software or you can say consumers of Software or better say Applications of them.
These are –
1)      Banking Clerk
2)      A clerk who is doing Reservation of your Tickets
3)      An Air Traffic Controller.
4)      A Scientist who is working on his critical research.
5)      A Business man/woman who wants to sell his/her Products.
6)      A Business man/woman who wants to do marketing/promotion/advertisement for his/her Products.
7)      An Accountant- who is assigned to prepare accounts for the above described business.
8)      For an Enterprise to perform various task
                                                              I.      Like to manage Employee records.
                                                           II.      To keep records for his Resources- money, machinery, raw materials, Ready to sell product.
                                                         III.      Stock available at any business/Godown.
                                                        IV.      To manage Client list/ contact information/ Transaction information.
                                                           V.      To understand the various Patterns related to customer purchasing behaviour, competitor strategy and many others things.
9)      Now-a-days, each and everyone has infected by computers and today almost every one is using computer and software technology to perform these tasks
10)  We are using it Job search, to stay connected with our friends/family- sharing each instance of our happiness, information, knowledge.
11)   Text editor to type letters , publish books.
12)   Utility software which are basically develop to help software engineer for smart development of these application be it software or be it websites.

The Software Technology:
Now, we talk about software technology.
In this world there a number of various software development technologies have evolved including web /internet technology(s). The technologies can also be denoted as programming languages.
They can be divided in 2 groups
1) To develop application softwares
2) To develop web application / web portals.

 To develop software we use these type of programming language
1)      C / C++
2)      Java
3)      .net / C#, Visual Basic.net
4)      Fortran /Cobol
5)      Python

To Work with Web technologies or development of web site we use these type of programming language or frameworks.
1)      ASP.net
2)      Servlets & JSP, Struts, Hibernate, ejb, spring.
3)      PHP
4)      HTML, XHTML, CSS, java script (This group languages is basically  to control the USER INTERFACE of website.

One more popular and analgous to above technologies and relatively new field is Mobile Application Development.

Like we develop software and web app for computers, we develop app and web apps for mobile gadgets, and for these we use following technologies.

1)      Iphone
2)      Android
3)      J2ME and
4)      Oracle is also going to launch its Mobile development technology.

And one more thing that is being left is, How and where we store the data on which we do processing to obtain the concise form of information.
*) We store the Data over Servers or on Hard disk in case of Softwares
*) To perform processing on Data we use SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, Post gree etc. database query related language.

What to do to Enter in this myriad technology and areas as well, one field which collectively also known as Information & Communication Technology world or simply ICT.

Firstly one have to decide which one field he would prefer to choose, however according to me many of engineers have to work on that Technology in which Company do train them or they themselves have got training in it. I mean just keep this thing clear in your mind what you want to do in your programming career whether you want to develop software application or web application.

I hope, Here all information given above about applications and users of software may help one to generate interest in the specific technology, if still one has no target field.

If you can’t decide this than just try everything, whatever for recruiter would find you worth for, he will take that thing out from you. and you will be specialized in that particular field

If one have decided to work in, say Web technology than he should start practicing the field of his/her choice and he /she should have confidence on himself/herself so that he /she can prove in front of Recruiter that how he/she is useful to them.
What you (fresher engineer) can deliver to them, I mean, consider yourself like a Product

At this stage I doesn’t consider any problem if you start working on team 1 size project, because this thing is the part of learning curve in a practical manner.
After all it brings confidence in you, to face situation which you may face in your career too in advance.

You must have snap shot, coding of your work, You must have clear in your mind what you had done to develop that software/web app.

You must have ideas which could impress your future employer.

So friends I consider that this thing is Important than to do struggle about getting job.

I would like to insert a paragraph which has written by mr. Kory Ferbet as it is, as I found it in the thread of discussion as "junior Java Developer, hard to find work" over linkedIn.com:-

 What I have seen from a recruiting standpoint is that companies who are looking to hire junior level developers of any language do so while they are still in college. It is through internships and the job fairs that junior developers seem to get placed. 
When a company is looking to fill a junior level position they are looking for someone that has potential but that they can mold into what they need. Because of this they focus on getting current students to come and intern with them to find out if they will be easily moldable before paying for the investment of a junior developer. This takes resources and time, which is something a lot of companies don't necessarily have.
When you hire a junior developer you are essentially paying to lose a more senior level developer for as long as it takes to get the junior one up to speed. The majority of junior level people aren't able to make an impact from day 1, so they will need someone to teach them the ends and outs of not only the company, but the world of software development in general. The amount of money and time a company can lose by making a mistake in hiring a junior developer who turns out not to have the potential they had hoped can be staggering.
When a company is looking to hire a Sr. level developer they do so with the assumption that the candidate already knows what he or she will be doing and only need ramp up time to learn specifics for that company, thus getting a quicker return on their investment. "

I hope this paragraph will help me to complete this post about how one can get the job in software development market, however, still this blog is just like a view from the Height for Software and Web application technology.

Well just FYI, you need to become familiar or stay updated (and become upgraded as well) about  more advance and new innovation of this field which may be going to take over the technologies described here soon. Here are the few links which could help you to better understand the real scenario of software development, the value of Experience, but it never meant to not develop your own software or web-sites for practice purposes.

Very helpful blogs links written by Justin Shield:-

Here is a fantastic resource for evaluating your current skills (regardless of language or framework). Challenging yourself to improve your ranking on this competency matrix will help you become more competent and well rounded developer.

I hope you have found the answer of your Queries, that I think is story of past, even this if you have any Query regarding this industry you can leave your comment below in the box, I shall try my best to answer you as early as possible.

Thanks a lot !!

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Crossing a hillside road with the aptitude of a tortoise.

I hope you have already got the scene of this image, however, i don't know whom have captured this image but perhaps it demonstrate some Cycling Competition.

Well it has been a long time that I have not write anything here and my blog page is about to become stale, obviously one who loves to write would never want to let his/her blog to become obsolete or stale kinda. 

Actually it is Life's first rule to keep moving at any cost, hope you have all heard an old story of Tortoise and Rabbit, that told by either  from our  grandpa, or granny or even Big Brother or Sister or by of course parent too. Well... story is like this way (just in short) one day rabbit who wanted to humiliate tortoise...   decides to race till some point in the forest, and thought rabbit who could  win easily as tortoise can 't run as fast as he can. But in actual what happened there everyone know.

Well it is really very Popular Question in our text book (at junior school level) "What did you Learn from this story"... in similar fashion i m not going to ask same Q rather simply ..want to express my thought related to this question.

We must follow tortoise willingness and dedication to complete race however it doesn't matter whether we are worth to participate but once we have put into the competition than we must have to keep moving towards our Target, no matter it is mountainside road or sloppy or full of stones, we must walk.

Now-a-days I m also facing the same situation that i have to reach to my destination on such elevated road before it gets too dark to see anything. However I don't wish to walk as like tortoise but surely wish to adopt his Aptitude to reach to the destination moving continuously...!!


why it is...!!!!

why it happens...

that every one talk with me,
yet i feel no one talk with me..

that everyone do worry about me,
yet i feel myself insignificant...

that i m gathered with happiness,
yet i feel sorrow around me...

that, i m supplied with everything,
yet i feel i don't have anything with me..

that i know uncanny truth of life,
yet i feel myself stranger to life...

that everyone do love me..
yet i don't feel love of them...

that emotions get my eyes wet,
yet i suppress them as they never were...

that i do translate my heart feelings as words,
yet i hesitate to speak them by the fear of unpredictable...

that i want to laugh out of load
yet i remain quiet...

....why it happens,..
... what it is like, 
that I m powerful, yet I counted in Cowards...!!!


About software requirement specification document.

Being a student you could not understand the importance of the software requirement specification document except this it could be the most boring task for most of us.
(Actually I m also student with some part time software development experience)

we all are use to concentrated towards developing the project, invest more and more time to see it just working, no matter how many times we beg help of our instructor. ( i think an average student, as I am, would be agree with this) however I could not get the thinking of Smarter students, as they were not the part of our group. I have learnt many things related to my ongoing career on my own experiment(s) whether they came via long route or any. However I don’t say that I did it only on my own hard work but in the guidance of my instructor, he helped me and have been helping me in shaping my skills for my perspective career.

He gave me opportunity to take hands-on experience for the project to sharpen the concept I did study in my syllabi.

Well I want to share the experience about not making the software requirement document before proceeding on the road of software development.
It was the most crucial time when I supposed to prepare this document but i didn't, anyway I did work on it but just for to have a glimpse of what I 'll do in this software. But it was not good foundation and insufficient for a good software to develop.

 I deliberately worked over it but all work came at halt when I got miss the points from my RAM that I want to provide in my software, hence i have missed the way to develop this software as my project work, now my willingness to develop this software has turned in to unwillingness to develop (and it makes me bore when ever i execute this) without software requirement specification document.

Actually unwillingness aroused cuz software has not any buyer till this moment but it could get on it completion so It is important to finish this at any cost.

Till this point I have done a lot of code for this software and successfully performing the required task, appx 90%. Over a long time around 3+ months.
but remaining 10% non working functionality fade the enjoyment of 90%- it s more painful.

But at this moment I could not do anything because it needs double patience to understand the code that I have done without the help of document. Also I cannot blame to anyone except myself. As every one can see that code has done by me so I would not have much difficulty in overhauling this but Interesting point is that I have also got the experience of doing maintenance job for any software according to my little knowledge. :D

so buddies, you could see all is the story of Software Requirement specification. and if you are looking for some theoretical notes about srs (the alias name of Software requirement specification doc) than i would like to suggest you to surf it on Google cuz these notes are much helpful than my insights.

But you can use my experience as an example if you wish and can also note down some point as why one should prepare software requirement specification and we should stick to it, however all of these points are also printed in text but this is some real life experience and may help you to understand the importance of this document without pondering much what the hell we are doing before developing project.

Well I would like to advice you to prepare the SRS before proceeding over there and also you must conform it that you are going according to this.


Tendency to become what actually.... you are not!!!

it is upto you how you take the things you daily face in different situations of life.
i think, many of us or almost all people don't have spirituality; i mean there is no one such person left who could hide their emotions. 
for instance some one has disobeyed you, and due to this very important task could not be completed as you have planned. 
or some one has insulted about you very badly or has ill-spoke about you it is possible that you would definitely want to take avenge then.
or very commonly, if you are doing some important work and at that time some one in any  means disturb you, then, could you prevent yourself by being angry? please think honestly, absolutely not at all.
I would like to say however you show yourself smart, cool, tendy, modernise, romantic, hot or what so ever, at some point of life you do what you actually dont want to do or failed to show up to any one else about that.
I know how difficult it is to prove yourself what you are, or what type of Personality you want. However as being a human being, err is possible from any of us, and it is possible & not much difficult to stick to what which is ethically comfortable not to what which may turn us into egoish or showy or selfish or in urdu 'tees mar khan'.

I don't know in which sense you will take my points, however, i don't say this that you 'r unaware about this... but actually I used to messed up with the people who do have such duality in their behaviour and it doesn't meant i dont have such crap thing in my behaviour but it is limited to me only or better say, developed for those type of people only.

Thanks to bear my words :) and I wish you will enjoy the state in which you could behave the best without being worried about the duality of your behaviour.

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A pleasure-ful ride!!

yesterday i got chance to ride activa, it was really a fun-ride on the activa, no gears-no clucth just rotate the accelerator and whenever you need to stop dont give a click on pad (break) by your foot, just make a fist of your left hand... so you have got it s just a left hand's play... :)

however today i m not going to write any review about this vehicle but I just enjoyed the ride, however, it will be incomplete if i dont tell you about some quality that I liked, it is its pick up, the only thing I like most in all type of vehicles, the power to put you ahead of every one, and let makes other to watch you swinging.

well it really deserve such appreciation, however, i have not got a chance to ride other brands of this segement (110 cc) but I hope the better brand in this segment would have not presented yet.
however my choice of two wheeler is, so far, our eterno(150 cc); it is the one which also beats another scooties/scooters on the road, and its width from backside gives a looks of a tank of the bettlefield (2005 model), so imagine (about yourself) accordingly if you are riding this power piece (machine)... undoubtely you'r warrior who is eager to ruin down or to make clear his road from the enemies (other bikers :) ) 
Anyway the company has lessen their concentration from this brand as they are also going the eterno way in the two-wheeler industry.
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it is really very special day for me :), cuz, it is the day for which, i was waiting for so eagerly since a long time back, and finally it has arrived in my life, guess what it could be, umm... no, no, no, it s not ... it s not any girlfriend's(fiancee) like matter, it is more than this sweet crap... more than the prettiest girl of this world ever or what ever the prettiest thing could be on this world for you...I am sorry that it is not right time that i could disclose this in front of you but i would like to just share with you...hope you could wait for that day when I would really be prepared to show you what I have got today, or what I want to show you today. Actually I have heard that happiness gets increases if you share this with your lovely ones :)


Just another photo with different taste!

guess... what is this!?!?!?

this is some photography flavour of me... actually many of you never get to know that photography is my second love of life ;) however this is some boring picture but look at it for some more minutes, and ponder, that to which thing it resembles....need a clue.. oh :)
some software development related...!!!
got any answer....

Ahh!! confused! ....ok no more puzzles now it is time to disclose the answer..., well there is a Netbeans IDE logo in the natural form, it resembles to an open source IDE used world wide for development of software, specially coded in Java programming technology.


Thanks for starring and to give some of your valuable time for simple image!!

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