Java Connectivity with MySQL Server (rdbms)

As we all know that internet is a vast source or resource to learn anything, anytime.
Here some of people like us, who are related to different technologies and methodologies are representing their thoughts very quickly, however, where some are really helpful and some, somehow are not that helpful but still can do some trick to learn something rather nothing. :)

However, i am always highly indebted to these great authors who are always present for our help over web. Thank you very much!

So, employing the same thought, In this series, I am going to represent some links, which could be helpful in following programming situation.

 I have searched some of the tutorials related to- make connection with MySQL RDBMS from java based software. ( which are in its development state)
So, This is the first link which I found most helpful to learn this concept, i.e., to establish communication between Java and MySQL server.

Link 1: By Video Training Tutorials
Link 2: By Roseindia.net website.
Link 3: By Star Developer.com

To practice all those tutorial you will need a MySQL Server and MySQL Client software. However you can also practice these things using  mysql console, which is available any MySQL Server software.

For Server application, you may visit:
>> MySQL official site: It is a good resource for your all database application need. For instance, Server, or Client, Connectors etc. All of them are available in Open source or Commercial version.
>> Wamp Server
>> XAMPP server

For Client application, you may visit: (recommended for those who have experienced Microsoft Sql Server Studio Management)
Download SQLyog: GUI client for MySQL

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