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After a long time i m going to express myself...and with out using Airtel... :P  ;)

however, there is nothing such stuff like having an airtel or anything, ummm... airtel is just annoying... it is something like talking with yourself..better say Myself...

it is not just limited to facebook... not limited to twitter or whichever social networking kinda.

here you all are invited automatically just because of technology... oh no man.. i was about to talk with myself.. and just like a crazy techi person going to talk with technical things..

no... i m in no mood to talk in this subject.. after a long week of running behind dreams, work, recovering from illness & vice-versa.. in short in a recursive way.. hahahaha.. i really would like to explain this recursive thing but some other day.. not-a-promise.. ;P..

well i m no more tired i am still energetic and concentrated towards ...err.. i try it daily to keep myself concentrated over my work and duties.

well.. still which thing is letting me down...yea.. i have answer too...i m breaking by my own illness, which I really want to get cured.. really want to leave it million miles behind.. hummfff..sighed.. don't know... really hard to keep yourself to stand on the diet suggested by doc.. taking medicines..

or some other time i used to think on the issues which i used to face in my life or to get cure my all problems with a magic stick... these things which lets me down...

...i speak it straight forwardly directly from deep of my heart to everyone... don't know how many of you will conclude it in negative manner or how many will take it as usual..generally i m not willing to analyze these things..

I am really no more interested to listen issues like your girlfriend/boyfriend err.. or really no more interested to mess up in things like finding a girlfriend or just label someone as that creepy thing term... or i just don't want to show any one his/her way of life.. i just love to talk to talk if anyone do... and that 's it otherwise i m no more interested to talk... i want to live with peace in this polluted environment...

 i really don't know what someone know.. i always  want to make way for me and the world/things which revolves around me are not just common like a common man... however it is doesn't mean i am something special but still i m a bit different.. & difficult to handle as well..

 i am no more interested to give anyone any sort of pain but always i find myself in this situation ...ohh godd.. it is just unlikely... I am no more willing to do this but anyone must understand that some person too has some pain with her/himself...

 i am always crazy to reach to help to anyone out there but still i could not if i am not aware about that..

 i always run after to find some moments where i can make my mad mind relaxed.. i do really seek a person, who can just listen me for nothing and i definitely would not expect to him/her to speak in my favour, i would accept if i m wrong.. but it is not necessary for one that s/he will pick or would show me a weak side or defensive one to just resolve the alarming issue with me.. nobody don't know that i m already on this side and this is why i m seeking you to just take your hand, to bounce back and to fight with these situations...

and I m doing my share of work… and it is more good thing for me.. I m no more demotivated or anything sort of like this but I …not any exception… like other persons I just need a little bit of support…

but i really just want to be myself.. and would love to enjoy my life in my way.. and finally ..and off course definitely to live like guy next door of this beautiful life.

thank you!!

This blog post do not intend to hurt any one's feeling and do not intend to support any commercial or non-commercial product/activity. Any resemblance is  just a co-incidence and if any inconvenience occurred is deeply regretted. Thank you! 
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