A pleasure-ful ride!!

yesterday i got chance to ride activa, it was really a fun-ride on the activa, no gears-no clucth just rotate the accelerator and whenever you need to stop dont give a click on pad (break) by your foot, just make a fist of your left hand... so you have got it s just a left hand's play... :)

however today i m not going to write any review about this vehicle but I just enjoyed the ride, however, it will be incomplete if i dont tell you about some quality that I liked, it is its pick up, the only thing I like most in all type of vehicles, the power to put you ahead of every one, and let makes other to watch you swinging.

well it really deserve such appreciation, however, i have not got a chance to ride other brands of this segement (110 cc) but I hope the better brand in this segment would have not presented yet.
however my choice of two wheeler is, so far, our eterno(150 cc); it is the one which also beats another scooties/scooters on the road, and its width from backside gives a looks of a tank of the bettlefield (2005 model), so imagine (about yourself) accordingly if you are riding this power piece (machine)... undoubtely you'r warrior who is eager to ruin down or to make clear his road from the enemies (other bikers :) ) 
Anyway the company has lessen their concentration from this brand as they are also going the eterno way in the two-wheeler industry.
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it is really very special day for me :), cuz, it is the day for which, i was waiting for so eagerly since a long time back, and finally it has arrived in my life, guess what it could be, umm... no, no, no, it s not ... it s not any girlfriend's(fiancee) like matter, it is more than this sweet crap... more than the prettiest girl of this world ever or what ever the prettiest thing could be on this world for you...I am sorry that it is not right time that i could disclose this in front of you but i would like to just share with you...hope you could wait for that day when I would really be prepared to show you what I have got today, or what I want to show you today. Actually I have heard that happiness gets increases if you share this with your lovely ones :)


Just another photo with different taste!

guess... what is this!?!?!?

this is some photography flavour of me... actually many of you never get to know that photography is my second love of life ;) however this is some boring picture but look at it for some more minutes, and ponder, that to which thing it resembles....need a clue.. oh :)
some software development related...!!!
got any answer....

Ahh!! confused! ....ok no more puzzles now it is time to disclose the answer..., well there is a Netbeans IDE logo in the natural form, it resembles to an open source IDE used world wide for development of software, specially coded in Java programming technology.


Thanks for starring and to give some of your valuable time for simple image!!

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