How to use WeChat over PC/desktop / Windows 7/ Windows 8 in simple 5 steps

This post will throw light on how one can use `WeChat`/'Whatsapp 'app, over `Microsoft Windows 8/ 7/Windows 7/Windows XP` platform.  The 'wechat' app is available for MAC os but not for windows OS yet.

The WeChat/WhatsApp for Desktop /PC/Windows 7 or 8


Well guys, as the technology advances, we get to see more and more new software products which we also know as App(s). However, The term app is being popular for those software applications which we generally install/execute /run over our smart phone/Mobile be it Iphone or be it Samsung or be it Nokia or be it Micromax, or be it Blackberry or all those other mobile brands which are availing support for  android, ios, windows, blackberry operating system.

Guys, `WeChat` has crossed 100 million customers outside of China, is really very interesting app to chat with your near & dear ones.. It has given many features to its user which can enhance your chat experience to the best level. However, you can use `WeChat` not only on your smart phone but also it helps you to chat on your handy Microsoft Windows OS product line ranging from XP to Windows 8, not only for text but also voice chat, group chat, your interesting web page info sharing etc.

Well, using `WeChat` app has one biggest advantage, that, people who are using their laptop for most of work can use it alongside to their work, without switching to their mobile again and again to reply your friend/partner.

Well, world's most popular what's app- big rival of 'WeChat' also has launched the same procedure, to use it over desktop. Just keep reading and have fun.. :)

So Lets move on to how we can use `WeChat` or WhatsApp over our favorite web -browser.

Step 1: Visit this to access web WeChat Link /To access web WhatsApp Link

Step 2: This website will generate a QR Code.

Step 3: Run your mobile WeChat/WhatsApp (I assume, you are already logged-in there).

Step 4: Tap `+` widget button in the menu bar & select SCAN QR code option.
Step 4 (for WhatsApp): After launching your whatsapp, Tap on gear key (placed over bottom right on your smart phones) and select/tap on WhatApp Web option. 

Just SCAN the QR code. This will authenticate you as the registered user of WeChat/WhatsApp app. 

Now , you can see this message "You're using Web WeChat" on your mobile version of WeChat.

However there is no confirmation message for whatsapp.

Guys, this post has not been ending up here, there is one more attracting feature for which you love your WeChat/WhatsApp, that, You will be able to see your chat conversation in your mobile WeChat app version that you just had on your laptop/desktop, even you close your web-browser in the middle.

Happy `WeChatting + WhatsApping..!!! ;)


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