Register yourself online for COVID19 vaccine in India in 6 simple steps (Hindi)

भारत सरकार ने हाल ही में 18 साल से अधिक आयु वाले व्यक्तियों को भी covid19 की दवाई/इन्जेक्शन लगाने के आदेश दे दिए हैं। इस पोस्ट में हमें Vaccine लगवाने हेतु cowin.gov.in पर पंजीकरण करवाने की प्रक्रिया की जानकारी मिलती है। 


A Farmer: My inspiration

In this blog, I am going to talk about the farmer - "the way he inspires me."


Seven steps to increase the reach of your Brand on the planet "social media"

Today, I would like to throw light on how to increase product/service engagement to their audience/viewers/readers. I have presented this detailed guide here today. About which I am sure you are going to like it. It helps you to create an organic reach (without using advertisement) among the prospective users.


When you come across a NOT RESPONDING software

In this post, I am going to cover an all-time famous issue while working with Microsoft Windows 8/10 operating systems - When your PC/Laptop/Notebook has reached in "something Not Responding" state.


Send money to bank from your PAYTM wallet

(This post helps you to learn how to send money using PAYTM – the online wallet. To be able to use these steps one is required to register at PAYTM.com first and of course, its App, and an active internet connection. This post is applicable to the mobile app at this moment.)


How to become a Beta Tester for WhatsApp in 'four' simple steps.

This post demonstrates about becoming a "Beta Tester" for the WhatsApp android based application. It will take as few as 4 clicks or 4 simple steps.

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