3 Steps to change Font size of Adobe Dreamweaver cs x.x.x


Well friends, oftentimes while we are designing any web page layout or coding for any 3 tire architecture website, we all face a common problem. That is we could easily read the 'Courier new' font face.  So there are 3 easy steps, following which we could change the font-size of editor of Adobe Dreamweaver.

These steps in black and white are as follows:
1. Press shortcut command 'Ctrl+U' or Go to Edit menu-> Preferences or if not possible then look at tool bar placed at Left. (just check out these images please.)

2. Click this and it will pop up a new window which is titled as 'Preferences'. here you will find various settings where you would find a tab labeled as 'Font'

3. This place is what where you can give value as per your comfort level.

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