Hello everyone...

About me
well all my friends know me by my lucky name, i.e. Nikhil Singh, as the name state it is an Indian name, exactly I am, a registered boy of India, in state of Uttar Pradesh. I was sent by Almighty God on the lucky 22nd day of August in a really loving, caring, self-reliant and really good family. I'm proud to be youngest member of this family. well there are my elder sisters and parent and one lovely granny.

What I do

At present i m a student of 'master of computer application'. As being a student i m not much a studious student but I want to be a good one who just don't complete his homework but learn why and how behind a concept. Anyway I have some different goals so it is essential to do that... well there are a lot of things I do in a day and lot more things to accomplish.

My hobbies

My Hobbies... there is not a single activity which I can determine as my hobby, however, I like to write- poems, stories, blogs. I have wrote so many poems of each genre(mood)... well perhaps I think more than the poems i wrote till this point. I think about something which is related to my extreme feelings about which I could not speak, at times or unable to speak somehow for that..

What you can Expect to me..

Well.. i am here to introduce you to Information Communication & Technology Industry in my viewpoint. So you will found some familiar topics in BPR fashion to read here... well BPR means Business Process Re-engineering... nothing hard just simple fry and serve again... Anyway you will find some Internet terminology, Programming related, DataBase related terminology, some fundamental about computers with a mix of my thoughts, etc.
However, as being of a lazy person it is not possible to update it regularly, but I ll do my best efforts to present you more from me, more from my knowledge here.

stay glued here as I ll sooner complete it... I don't promise to you but I ll do my best efforts...

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  1. I hope you will soon write some interesting programs also. I would like to learn actual programs.


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