why it is...!!!!

why it happens...

that every one talk with me,
yet i feel no one talk with me..

that everyone do worry about me,
yet i feel myself insignificant...

that i m gathered with happiness,
yet i feel sorrow around me...

that, i m supplied with everything,
yet i feel i don't have anything with me..

that i know uncanny truth of life,
yet i feel myself stranger to life...

that everyone do love me..
yet i don't feel love of them...

that emotions get my eyes wet,
yet i suppress them as they never were...

that i do translate my heart feelings as words,
yet i hesitate to speak them by the fear of unpredictable...

that i want to laugh out of load
yet i remain quiet...

....why it happens,..
... what it is like, 
that I m powerful, yet I counted in Cowards...!!!

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