what to do when Default page is missing ...

This one post let user know what one should do if they are not able to view the default page of their web server software. This post will throw light over this issue without using any specific server program because it is kind of global issue in this case. And Solution to this issue is also same. so keep reading and enjoy smooth working... ;)

What do to when you are unable to search your default page of your web-server

Often you wonder when you type http://localhost, it takes you to the home page(default page) of your server software program... why it happens, have you ever paid attention to this.. i' m sure , you have not..!! That is okay & no big deal.. most of you may be aware but as you are reading this post, that means you are in search of the answer to this riddle...

well, wait ... i would tell you why it happens.. 

actually any web server product, be it IIS server, or be it WAMP/LAMP or APACHE or which ever sever program you are using.

Simply it also works in combination with web browser.. & how web browser does know about which web-page to execute is- by their Index page or default page or home page item.

This is why it is always advised to put name of your home page as "index.html" and hence wamp server do has a Index page that the browser execute whenever you give the url  "http://localhost" :) , which is known as default page of your web-server development software. 

And if somehow you are not able to see your this one default page rather your designed web page/script, then i m sure you have put you your self developed web page inside the "www" folder/directory under the web server folder/directory structure.
e.g.  C:\wamp\www\index.html, this is the wrong way to work with any web server, instead , you must put a directory/folder inside and then put you all folder, files, images there, so that you can access them with ease. 

However, if you have tried the above (C:\wamp\www\index.html) then simply collect all files and put them inside a new folder/directory . but this time you would not be able to see the colorful default page of your webserver software. For that purpose you must have to Re-install your webserver software which so ever you are using.

Hope this post have helped to best.. and happy programming times are back again.. :)

thank you much for visiting here..!!! 

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