Seven steps to increase the reach of your Brand on the planet "social media"

Today, I would like to throw light on how to increase product/service engagement to their audience/viewers/readers. I have presented this detailed guide here today. About which I am sure you are going to like it. It helps you to create an organic reach (without using advertisement) among the prospective users.

Well, the Internet has become a hot market nowadays. It is also a great platform to showcase your hobby/talent, even if you don't assume it as a market. It does not matter whether we have got a 'YouTube' channel, or great skill, or a Product to sell. We all have been striving hard to increase the reach of our page/ brand. 

We want to create a free of cost promotion on Facebook/ Twitter etc. Though purchasing advertisement plans have their pros and cons,word-of-mouth marketing can effectively help to establish the image of a brand/ product too

Here are some easy peasy steps using which one can achieve the goal for sure.

Before moving ahead, I would like to tell you a short story. This story dates back to my 'graduation' course in 2006-'09. It was an evening of spring, and I was busy with the 'Home-work' thing on the PC. One of our neighbors came to our house then and asked for my help in boosting the page rank* of their website. Since I have been a web-technology enthusiast, it was not a big deal for me. I said "Yes" and made a few changes to the website. On the following day, uncle informed me that his website is rocking in first place in the search results.

Yes, that is all for the story. Quite a satisfying experience, though.

It was the second real-life practical of my self-learned SEO skills, and this blog would always be at first.

I know you have got a question, that how does this story belong to the topic of today?

A valid point for sure, and it has a thin link that, to improve the page rank, we make changes in the website itself, and to improve brand/customer engagement, you make changes to various social media platforms.

The next question arises, what kind of changes?

In the context of 'changes to social media platform' means, we are supposed to make the following changes using our existing English language skills only.

Must DO

The following steps are must do things before jumping to the step number 1. 

Create a separate email account different for each social media platform. (It is a mandatory, time-consuming step, but it keeps things in an organized way.)

Create a blogger or a website depending on the purpose of the Brand.

Create a "Strong password" for every email account. A strong password is a combination of Alphabets (Block and small letters both,) numbers, special characters, and it must be more than 25 characters in length. The more lengthy password, the more safety. (mandatory)

Step 1: Reach as many customers as possible

This step demands that we need to increase our presence on the Internet. It is similar to hiring a billboard on a highway. In the same way, we need to make our presence in multiple places on social media.

Various places on social media are the following:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • WhatsApp,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Quora,
  • Blog-writing,
  • YouTube,
  • Reddit,
  • Pinterest, and a lot of other platforms.

We must make our presence on 2-3 or more popular platforms, and as long as a platform matches our interest. Each social media platform has its pros and cons.

The benefit of doing this exercise is that we get to reach more people. More people recognize our Brand or Product.

Applicable to: YouTubers, Page owners (Facebook, Twitter). I have been experienced with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, etc. only. This blog is going to cover these social networking platforms only.

Step 2: Add people to your profile:

This step demands us to add people to the newly created (or existing) profile. The more people we add, the more opportunities we would have, that someone may show his/her interest in our product/ service/ brand.

For example, Facebook lets us add up to 5000 people. Also, it provides an opportunity to connect with people already connected in a Group. In this way, we can reach more like-minded people even without adding them to our profile across the globe.

It is the most organic way to promote our product or service on social media. Because whatever we post on the profile/handle will be served to all of the friends/followers/members in real-time by that social media app/website (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.)

Applicable to: Page owners. On YouTube, you don't explicitly add someone. Though it puts a "video" in the list of ' recommended video' depending on the popularity of the video.

Step 3: Strike a word:

We are required to follow this step religiously. We must do it regularly

We need to strike a conversation through 'Post' with the added members.

One can post the following, but not limited to it:  

  •  an update about the product line/service/brand, 
  •  an achievement, 
  •  about innovation or creativity related to your product, 
  •  a photograph of the Team, or the Product itself, or a photograph of a valued client, etc.

Well, now something about, how to form a post? A post is not supposed to be close-ended, rather it should be open-ended. Well, it means you should make a post that lets a user express their opinion, and along with hitting a Like button.

For example, "We have got two versions of this Vase, which one you like most, guys? Let us know in the comment box.”

You can also put up the same question using a “poll” feature.

Facebook/ Twitter appreciates the interaction between members. The same conversation has been showing in the feeds of friends/followers of the member/ friend you are already connected to.

It is possible to get followed by other users who are not in your network yet.

Applicable to: Page owners, On YouTube, a creator is required to put a comment as a Pinned comment (if required) to let other users see it, and so make reply/s to it. Though a Facebook/Twitter page owner of a YouTube channel can successfully convert a page-post visitor to YouTube channel visitor, so a subscriber. 

Step 4: Comments, and Replies:

Communication is incomplete if both parties don’t participate in a healthy manner. Therefore, an admin's job is not to create posts only, but, s/he should also find some time to reply to post/s of other connected users.

One more thing to consider, “A comment is more powerful than a like button to create organic exposure to your post.” It works both ways, either you are an admin on your page, or you are a visitor on other users' page.

In a comment, an admin may leave the URL of his/her channel/page, and let the prospective users visit it instantly or at his/her convenience.

In this way, you would keep people curious/ or engaged about the Brand, so more opportunities for Business.

The more of it happens, the more places on that social network platform your brand is being displayed. It is one of the organic ways to drive traffic to the Brand’s Page. It is similar to put paid advertisements.


Let’s jump to the next step.

Applicable to: As per the availability.

Step 5: Make use of hashtags:

We must not forget to use popular hashtags while sharing a post.

A hashtag has lots of power. Whenever someone searches a specific hashtag on a social networking platform, they get links to all of the posts you have created with it. For example, if a user is into writing poems, and s/he signs every post with a hashtag, let's say #PoetrybyNikhil.

Then, somebody who has just come across the hashtag (#PoetrybyNikhil) can either click on it or simply run a search to see all of the posts created by the user named Nikhil.

I bet, you would love this trick to engage more organic traffic to your site/ or brand's page.

Okay, let's move to the next interesting step ahead. Do sign every post related to your channel/ brand all the time. 

Applicable to: As per the availability.

Step 6: Going Live:

In my opinion, this is the most powerful way to connect with your potential customer base. In a video message or Live sessions, we have the opportunity to reflect body-language.

The body language makes everything so smooth for what we spend lavishly, for instance, expensive setup (background), costlier clothes, and all those things one may want to show off.

That means one can convey the message more strongly through body language, even while sitting in your cubicle or from the kitchen.

The Live video helps subscribers of a YouTuber channel to interact (watch and chat) with their beloved YouTube creator in the real-time. It helps a subscriber to know the YouTube creator, and thus a subscriber would create an honest comment about the creator in the comment section. This in turn may help another visitor to get subscribed to the channel while s/he is tresspassing.

A must-do thing, guys!

Applicable to: As per the availability.

Step 7: Create Story:

There we have got one more powerful feature that enhances our chances to boost engagement with our potential users/ customers.

A Story/ Status feature provides an excellent way to demonstrate your content. You may use photos, videos, links/URLs, and even conduct a poll.

One can use it as a way to advertise the next possible content that a user is planning to post on his/her page/Channel.

Once you have established your identity, this feature lets your follower/ connection access your content immediately, as soon s/he log-in. They can also post their comments.

Thus, you noticed that it is an instant way to engage with your potential user in a short amount of time.

Applicable to: As per the availability.

Well, the way things (above-mentioned) to do has importance similarly the following is must-not-do things.

Avoid passive conversation:

It indicates that a brand owner believes in starting a conversation, but doesn't reply/ comment back. Or, it has been replying to comments untimely.

It is an inappropriate way to manage the conversation. It is not recommended to follow anywhere, not in social media, as well as in real business scenarios.

A brand owner is supposed to initiate (through replying or hitting Reaction buttons) the conversation on the post(s) of its potential customers too. This, in turn, brings a potential user to your Brand's page, if your comment/reply is of interest to other participants of that post.

This is how you are creating opportunities to draw more people to your page. So, a page owner must take a few minutes to interact with other potential users/ customers.

The better way a community knows a brand owner, the more it reciprocates to his/her post(s).

Again, I would take this opportunity to tell you that it enhances the chances to boost the engagement on your page organically, so the business.

I hope, you have learned to make changes to the social media platform. You should create post/s, make comment/s, send reply/s, post story, and sometimes going Live. I believe if you are able to follow all of these steps then you may certainly increase the count of your customers, or followers on Twitter/ YouTube, or where ever you want to.

Thank you!

*Page Rank

Well, Page-rank is used when we talk about "search results" in a search on any search engine, for instance, google/yahoo, or any other. The search engine creates a list of results and put the most matching result at the top of this list, then the next one result, and so on.

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