Just another photo with different taste!

guess... what is this!?!?!?

this is some photography flavour of me... actually many of you never get to know that photography is my second love of life ;) however this is some boring picture but look at it for some more minutes, and ponder, that to which thing it resembles....need a clue.. oh :)
some software development related...!!!
got any answer....

Ahh!! confused! ....ok no more puzzles now it is time to disclose the answer..., well there is a Netbeans IDE logo in the natural form, it resembles to an open source IDE used world wide for development of software, specially coded in Java programming technology.


Thanks for starring and to give some of your valuable time for simple image!!


  1. If you do not describe i could not understand what purpose of it because i am not software developer. However, i always like photography (not by profession) but just for my hobby and interest.

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind comment! :)


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