Shut down your windows PC in style

 (This post will walk you through the available options to shutdown your windows 10/8 or any other Microsoft OS product in case of the ill-famous 'PC hanged' problem.)

Even if there are a number of attractive shutdown /restart related graphics or power button available, though, at times you would need a manual shutdown mechanism in some emergency, eg. When it has been messing up with some underlying processes or in simple words “PC Hanged”  etc.

Anyway, straight to the point, people at Microsoft have provided all the option(s) to rescue you out in these problematic situations. 

Let's check them out:

1) Use of Power button: 

One of the very powerful and easiest tricks is to press the power button mounted over your CPU/cabinet or nearby a keyboard on a laptop/notepad, for a continuous 5 or 6 seconds. And it will perform a black-out effect, hence your system will get to a rest state successfully. 

2) Use of run prompt or windows command prompt/shell: 

The other popular trick is that used to use by system administrators, or networking guys - open a run prompt or command window of PC. Then type in this short & sweet command Shutdown -s (followed by an enter keystroke or press the OK button to execute this).

Note: This command will certainly allow you to save those files which are not already saved on disk, however, in the "PC Hanged" state you might lose those files, because... it is in an inaccessible state!

I know, admin guys out there do this to woo their colleagues or in simplest words to show off their windows skills!

Okay... So, what's new here...!?

Let’s see what is actually, I am going to unfold below here.

3) Again through the run prompt/command line, but with another command: 

Well there is a command which you will actually love it

Have a look at these screenshots:

     3.1) Using the 'Ask me anything box' or 'Cortana instruction box':                             Type 'slidetoshutdown.exe'

     3.2) You may also use the same 'multipurpose' run prompt of the Windows OS: Just type the same command as we just did in the above screenshot - 'slidetoshutdown.exe'

It is time to see the most awaited output, now


If you have typed in the aforementioned command along with this post, then you may observe that "the login screen slides in on the desktop from top to bottom direction."
Now, if you are intended to shut it down, click on the downward triangle arrow, or if you have got a touch screen tab/laptop/PC just touch it and let slide it down. That's it!

This is what I wanted to share with you all today. In my opinion, the way the login screen slides in to allow the OS to shut down the PC marks a modern way to 'shut-down' your Windows OS. :)

I hope you have enjoyed this little trick to shut down your PC and to show off your technical skills to your family, friends & colleagues in Windows OS

Thanks so much!

NOTE: I have tried my best to present the best and correct information here. However, if you find anything incorrect or needed an improvement, then just leave your comment and I'll update it as soon as possible. Thanks again for reading this post!

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