When you come across a NOT RESPONDING software

In this post, I am going to cover an all-time famous issue while working with Microsoft Windows 8/10 operating systems - When your PC/Laptop/Notebook has reached in "something Not Responding" state.

Today I have a very small tip to share with you to enhance your user experience while using Windows 10 OS.

Before, I write more about it, allow me to write down a small case-study cum short story.

Short story:  "You are working on a report for the upcoming meeting in your office. Then you're working on a word processor– typing your reportthere is a spreadsheet – to calculate the performance of one of your product, a web browser – holding several websites open to check competition with your product-line, PDF reader to read other reports prepared by others and a music player software to play your favorite songs. 

  Suddenly you think of a trending song (CD) of your favorite singer, that you have just borrowed from your one of the best friend. And... you reach to your drive (in My Computer) and you 'double click' on it. But, instead of the sound of the music of that song, you observe something else - a spinning wheel, after a while which in turn starts showing a strange message (mentioned above in the title)... graying out that folder - shortly, your eyes start to widening... your brain starts to think several ways to stop this *malfunctioned* or *not responding* song... but all goes in vain... including Task Manager is incapable to come up to strike down this irresponsive song."

You have realized that your newly bought swanky *Microsoft Windows 10* has attained a what to do now situation, i.e. it has hit a roadblock or technically known "System has hanged" state.

What should I do now?
You might try a variety of solution(s) depending on your competency in operating a Windows PC.

Solution 1: You are gonna hit the big power button mounted on the cabinet

The consequence of it: You are gonna lose your precious unsaved work on spreadsheet/ word processor, you are gonna lose all those running tabs of websites in the browser, If there is any Copy-Cut-Paste operation on the way, you’re gonna lose all progress made on your crucial report.

Recommendations level: A BIG NO!!!

Solution 2: You decide to open a TASK MANAGER and choose to click "End now"

The consequence of it: This command was working fine till Windows 8 based PC. You can simply shut down forcefully any unsafe (running) application. But with Windows 10, it doesn’t work as desired, it lets our PC to work in the HANGED state.

And this time you can’t do anything except "seeing your PC to come back in its stable state by itself or RESTART it again using the previously mentioned Solution 1 above.

Alas! Even this time it also causes to happen the same loss as mentioned in the previous step!

Recommendations level: SERIOUSLY NO!

Anyway, what the hell should I do to prevent such LOSS ????

Solution 3: Just go to Task Manager and Find the Windows Explorer thread, if running any. Right Click on it and click on “Restart.” 

Let's do a walk-through of this solution: 

Step 1: Right-click on the Taskbar-> Task Manager:

Step 2: Find the Windows' process.

Step 3: Right over it and select "Restart."

You will see all those windows/software(s) which you were working on got life once again. 

The consequence of it: It saves "restarting" of OS and also, you can focus on your work with same concentration once again, probably you can skip playing that song this time. 

Recommendations level: YES!

Well, if you have got a DOUBT about this trick, allow me to answer it.

You must keep running a folder open, regardless of the requirement. But it works like a charm to treat such a *devil problem* quickly. So, in my opinion, there would be NO big hassle to keep running a folder all the time than to suffer the loss.

Thanks for reading!

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