When the going gets tough the tough get going

Well..!! this was the shocking news that 'Jiah Khan'- one of the several aspiring actress of Bollywood film Industry did suicide.

However... here I am not going diagnose the reason behind her this cowardice act... but I want to say that it was nothing good...this news is just indigestible.

Well.. I am a strong supporter of Life... Life is really very kind, generous, & beautiful...

So killing it, is really a damn bad idea and directly equal to dishonoring the God for its beautiful gift of life.

I have seen many people who have faced many times greater difficulty than I guess 'Jiah' might had suffered, in the way of her life.

Initially ... I have no word of sympathy for her... I think she doesn't deserve it anymore... however, people living in Metro cities are tend to suffer many greater challenges in order to keep life going. 
    And Jiah was not no where to close that situation which I am going to explore, that means Jiah was more fortunate girl than such type of people who are living in these metro cities(Delhi, NOIDA, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and list is definitely long but most of people rush towards these cities for their bread n' butter- in India) to make their life best.

You know what? These people... in which type of circumstances spend their life to pursue/realize their dreams... I am hopeful most of you shall be surprised... that,
lets talk about them, starting from food, one of the most critical element to make life running in any case...
They generally don't have best quality of drinking water, best food items to eat in meal or even they do not do breakfast and they don't know what is lunch time, many of starter or beginner don't have opportunity to have lucrative food in big restaurants..

lets talk about Shelter the second most critical element of life, to hide your personal life from all evils...
It is true that such people live alone here... at much long distance from their home town in order come out of those situations which are barring them to achieve their dreams- don't have best places to live... they live in small cupboards type room which are not worth of their rent... if somehow you get a enough big space to live then the surrounding of such place shall not meet the standards of healthy living environment. Now you could imagine up that places which meet up "good living" are not of everyone's range. 

lets talk about of cloths, that are critical by default... in any social environment.
Well... now-a-days, in this highly ostentation or showy world, world of brand names or world of globally recognized chain-store... every one wants to wear them, not necessarily always but at least once in their lifetime... 
they don't want to wear cloths to reflect their inner-self persona rather to just create a illusion of being (not so) big but greater than in their own people.

Anyway all above those things, Jiah definitely had got in her life... but all these doesn't meant anything for her... she has no value for these highly critical things that she has got and also she has no career related big problem, if she is not going to get any movie today, then, it must be tomorrow for sure...

story begins here....

However, today, this is of no use to discuss these things for Jiah... but many of common people have arrived here after facing a strong disapproval of their near & dear ones, for whom they wanted to come here and make some mark in their life.. not just for own life but in life of those people too, many people tend to work here without earning enough money for their work done, just in the hope  that someday they will get better work and all shall be paid then.

Many people who leave their mark here just don't think someday they will be known for this rather they automatically become an ideal for those people, specially that one city that they had left many years ago to reach to this point.

Many of those people starts such hardwork since their studentship time. They clear many prestigious examination, say engineering, medical, or any other competitive examination, or now-a-days very much popular due to media people- "talent hunt show" and start their journey in these big cities then.

Well friends collectively, it is all very easy to discuss from the space... i m saying "space"- means many of such people I have not met yet but who ever such people I have met, I am through his/her achievement which he/she has done or been busy in doing despite all odds, is more important for me.

So let's come back to the point that who so ever you are... what so ever you are doing for your life to make it going... do not be distracted by the glam sham of these big city and keep walking towards you goal in a polite manner- means do not hurt some one feeling or betray with any one to achieve your goal beyond your limit... and last but not the least "Never Give Up"

Because we don't know what life has in its store for us, and trust me, one day you/we will definitely going to get this but just wait and keep walking rather than watching your goal.

I think this is why someone has coined this phrase- "When the going gets tough, the tough get going"

Thank you!


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