whether to press F5 or ctrl+F5 to execute my program

(in the previous post you have read about to write your first c# program under Visual Studio environment. Today we shall come across the differences of using F5 and ctrl+F5 to run/execute our program.)

Difference between to press F5 or ctrl+F5 to execute your c# program using visual studio:

when you want to run a program you have two choice to execute your program:
first one is just press F5
& other one is ctrl+F5...

both command/instruction make C# compiler to execute the program, but why on the earth we should any one of them preferably.... huh??

So there is the answer, lets check both of them one by one...

First is just press F5: 
what happens when this is the action program executes but it doesn't wait for any input from the user side.

Now Ctrl+F5:

 This time program waits for a input from the user side and after the input of any character it terminates the output.

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